Multi-Egg Frying Pan

Multi-Egg Frying Pan

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Product Description

Multi-Egg Frying Pan | 

There’s nothing better than waking up after a long lay-in on a Sunday morning and preparing yourself and the family a delicious breakfast with a fresh pot of coffee. The centrepiece of any breakfast is a perfectly cooked egg, whether that be poached or fried. Preparing eggs for everyone and keeping them separate and perfectly cooked is a fine art. The Maison & White Multi Egg Frying Pan means your morning breakfast routine is about to become a whole lot easier. Engineered with quick heating, non-stick aluminium alloy and equipped with 4 dedicated holes, you can now perfectly cook up to 4 eggs at any one time, no more waiting in line for your breakfast as everyone else tucks in!  


When you’re making breakfast for the entire family, controlling the heat of traditional pans is a real skill, and before you know it, you’ve got burnt or rubbery eggs. As well being incredibly smart in its functionality the Maison & White Multi Egg Frying Pan boats a superconductive quality thanks to its aluminium alloy material, whilst having exceptional heat distribution, meaning there’s not “hotter spots” - in short, perfect eggs, every time. 


Eggs aren’t to everyone’s taste, we get that if you have a sweeter tooth, breakfast may look a little different for you. Thanks to its circular compartments, not only will the Maison & White Multi Egg Frying pan cook eggs, but is also perfect for other breakfast like pancakes, bacon medallions, or sausage patties. Why not cook beans in one section, tomatoes in another and then fry up yourself two eggs? All in one pan.


There's nothing worse than buying a piece of cookware and then realising its suitable for the type of cooker you own. The Maison & White Multi Egg Frying Pan is perfect for gas cookers, no disappointment here! 

Please note: Wash before first use. Hand wash only. This item is not suitable for any sort of induction hobs.


  • Size: 41cm x 25cm x 4cm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy and Bakelite 
  • In the box: x1 Multi Egg Frying Pan
  • 2 Year Guarantee.